Share ½ of building complex in the historic center


Riferimento 4054
Prezzo 24.570 €
Tipologia Magazzino
Contratto vendita
Comune Campobello di Mazara
Mq 1.042
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

The subject of this sale is the ½ share of a building complex. The property is located in Campobello di Mazara (TP) and extends between Via Umberto I n.130 and Via Giuseppe Mazzini n.7 / A. It is located in the historic center, where there are residential and commercial buildings. Access is direct on the road. The supporting structure is in tuff blocks.The building complex is of old construction and rises on two levels above ground. The ground floor consists of warehouses and a large free area, for a total area, partly covered and partly uncovered, of 1,042 square meters. On the first floor there is a house which is accessed via a stairwell. The entire building is first of floors and fixtures. The interior and exterior walls are free of plaster. There are no technological systems. The entire building is in a poor state of conservation. The first floor is not accessible, as are other parts of the building due to the poor state of use and maintenance.The share put up for sale of the real estate unit in question is ½. The successful bidder will therefore become co-owner of 50% of the building complex. The lot is identified in expert opinion as "Lot 6". Visita l'immobile: